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Helix Gene HELIX GENE Biological Science Private Limitied Helix Gene
About Us
Helix Gene Biological Science is a biotechnology company which was established in the year 1999 by a team of eminent scientists and entrepreneurs to meet the growing challenges within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector. Its serves as a Single stop solution laboratory in providing research and development on various disciplines in biological science like Microbiology, Molecular biology, Bioinformatics, Industrial Biotechnology, Molecular Genetics, Immunology, Pharmacoinformatics.

On the fastest expansion and growth of the company which leads to share its wing for the customized delivery on the research and development of biological assay, molecular marker, bioinformatics tool development with Neogen Life science private limited. It also supports on consultancy service and technology transfer in a broad spectrum for various biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

Our Infrasturcture
  • HelixGene researchers engage in science that will enable future product development in foods,  feeds and biofuels and bioindustrial products. A major emphasis of Helix gene’s research is on healthier and more environmentally friendly solutions.
  • We offer our scientific resources as an extension of your in-house capabilities. We also welcome co-innovation opportunities through joint development agreements.
When you need an entirely new or an improved product or production process, Helixgene’s development experts provide the knowledge, experience and resources to make it happen. Our development professionals specialize in designing, testing and piloting new or improved products and processes.