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Helix Gene HELIX GENE Biological Science Private Limitied Helix Gene
About Us
Main focus is delivering with the Quality standards following the GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) in the process with the applied science and engineering optimization technique as a core value. Research and Development which act as a Center of excellence supporting various external and internal laboratories in delivering the projects as 3C Focused approach which is Confident, Commitment, Creative.

Well equipped laboratory for Microbiology, Immunology, Molecular biology, Genetic Engineering, Bioinformatics, Industrial Biotechnology (Bioprocess Engineering), Informatics Division which consists of (Pharmaco informatics and Bioinformatics) is designed as per the Good Laboratory Practice requirement and global quality standard to achieve the customer satisfaction.

We are confident in our quality and ensure reliable antibody performance; any antibody that does not meet the performance standards indicated on the product datasheet will be replaced free of charge. We guarantee our regularly-priced products 100% for the treatment concentrations and application in the organism(s) stated in product datasheets.

In our past years as a company, we manufactured many high quality, high specificity antibodies exclusively for biotechnology and pharmaceutical partners, and our products are now available directly to researchers. We are actively expanding our line of antibodies and are excited to provide you with high-quality, specific, and selective antibodies to move your discoveries forward.

Vission Mission

To be a one among the eminent laboratory in providing support for the research and development, technology Transfer to serve the need of Biological and pharmaceutical sector holding the complete customer satisfaction with the applied knowledge base and commitment.

The activity of the company is centered in the area of human health, with pioneering applications in the international scientific panorama, and whose objective is to identify, validate, the commercialize diagnostic or prognostic systems, as well as therapeutic targets for the complex diseases.

The guidance being supplied is based on the wisdom of those who have learnt the art of bioentrepreneurship, either the hard way by making mistakes themselves or else spent time observing others doing it.

HelixGene biological science is to be the prominent supplier to the life sciences industry through pharmaceutical and biotechnology platforms driven by an unrelenting passion :
  • To unambiguously deliver value to our customers;
  • To enable our employees to be successful;
  • To continuously improve performance; and
  • To make HelixGene a recognized contributor to its communities.
All our activities are guided by our vision. It is the cornerstone of our continuing commitment to improve performance and deliver top service to our customers. We feel confident that our positive results are fundamentally influenced by our awareness of that vision.

Our Capabilities

In industry-leading capabilities in enzyme utilization include both enzyme identification and application. Our technical teams have a wealth of expertise in identifying the best enzymes for the project. Through our relationships with suppliers, we have access to commercial and new enzymes. In addition, we can assist you in gaining access to the ideal enzyme through licensing or internal development using various disciplines like Microbiology, Molecular biology, Bioinformatics, Industrial biotechnology.

HelixGene also offers extensive experience in process optimization - creating the ideal conditions for producing enzymes and maximizing their output while controlling costs.

Our capability is based in large measure on our long experience in using enzymes in starch processing as well as in creating lipids, proteins, feeds and flavors. The breadth of Helixgene allows us to leverage our enzyme knowledge over many product lines - to the benefit of a diverse array of customers.

  • HelixGene applications teams can assist you with laboratory or pilot work on finished products and with production start-up. Their services are invaluable in helping develop new solutions, achieve better pricing for your products and get to market more quickly.
  • Our applications specialists are on the ground around the world in the Americas, Europe (also serving Africa and the Middle East) and Asia. Their proximity to you and your customers ensures knowledge of local regulatory and sourcing challenges and sensitivity to local trends tastes and cultures.
Technical Service
  • HelixGene technical service professionals are located in hundreds of cities around the world. They stand ready to provide information and support when you have questions about ingredients, applications, processes and more. Our technical service team is also your direct link to HelixGene comprehensive R&D and applications capabilities and to experts from across the company.